Space Lift (facial fat grafting)

Before and After Photos

When the skin is still fairly elastic, frat grafting alone can be used to restore the natural, youthful contours of the face. Read Dr. Berman's article on Fat-Grafting and find out more about the Space Lift.

    This patient demonstrates significant fat volume losses along with some moderate elastic losses. Facial fat grafting was accomplished using stem cell rich fat grafts throughout the entire face and around the mandible. A short incision face lift optimizes her results by slightly further reducing the platysma (neck) and jowl sagging.

    This patient shows significant volume loss that makes her look less physically attractive, especially around her eyes. 3-dimensional restoration with stem cell rich fat grafts restore her youthful contours and improve her appearance. A short incision face lift provided a little additional tightening of neck and jowl tissues.

    This patient had previous traditional surgery without restoring her 3-dimensional contours. Stem cell rich fat grafts were able to more effectively restore a more youthful and attractive appearance.

    While there is still some residual bruising following surgery, this slide makes a great point about how we age and why the neck sags with age. While there are elastic losses, the neck (platysma muscle) is a vertical band of muscle extending from the clavicle over the mandible and up onto the cheek. When you lose fat volume around the cheek and jawline, the neck muscles appear to sag. This patient shows how the entire neck can be lifted to a youthful position after adequate volumes of fat are restored around the mandible and the cheek. There was absolutely NO CUTTING done on this patient – only fat grafting.

    A male patient showing typical signs of aging with lower lid bags and loss of definition around the mandible. Following stem cell rich fat grafting, more youthful contours are largely restored without traditional surgical excisions. The patient looks like a better version of himself without the stigmata that is frequently associated with traditional surgery.

    Middle-aged patient that would traditionally be repaired with standard excisional blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck), instead is corrected to natural, youthful contours with the Space Lift (fat grafting) alone and no cutting.

    Middle-aged patient aging by diffuse loss of facial fat throughout her face - improved with a Space Lift (facial fat grafting).

    Facial contours improved by Space Lift (facial fat grafting).

    Marked upper lid hollows and general facial wasting/aging improved with Space Lift (facial fat grafting).

    Older patient refusing lifting (it would have been helpful), gets moderate improvement with Space Lift (facial fat grafting) alone.

    Seven (7) year follow-up after Space Lift (facial fat grafting).

    Patient with full face and prominent lower lid bags that does not want any excisions - restored contours and elimination of bags with Space Lift (facial fat grafting) alone.

    Young patient with congenital lack of fat around her brow and cheeks presents with hollow appearance - repaired with Space Lift (facial fat grafting).

    Young patient with visible bags mostly due to lack of cheek fat - improved with Space Lift (facial fat grafting).

    Middle-aged male patient improved with Space Lift (facial fat grafting) only.

    Middle-aged male patient improved with Space Lift (facial fat grafting) only.

    Middle-aged male patient improved with Space Lift (facial fat grafting) only.

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