Space Lift for Iatrogenic Defects

Before and After Photos

A lot of my patients have had previous surgery and either ended up with an untoward result or a result (although considered appropriate) that they were not pleased with. You can find more information by reading Dr. Berman's articles on Fat-Grafting.

Previous brow lift and blepharoplasty distorts the natural contours and significantly changes the appearance of the eyes.

Significantly improved with Space Lift (facial fat grafting) to restore more natural contours.

Following standard blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck) the patient appears hollow and loses much of her soft, youthful contours. This is repaired with the Space Lift (facial fat grafting).

This patient underwent a face lift and blepharoplasty with "text-book" results. However, she didn’t like the appearance as it altered her eyes considerably from how they used to look. Repaired with Space Lift (facial fat grafting). Same patient 7 years later.

This patient had upper and lower lid blepharoplasty. She under went three procedures on the left lower lid trying to get rid of the defect. The problem was corrected by elevating the cheek away from the skeleton with a Space Lift (facial fat grafting). This restores the cheek to its natural contour and "raises the tent" - lifting the skin off the visible defect.

This patient had a blepharoplasty with fat grafting done to fill in hollows under the eyes. However, because it was done in a "focal" manner, it left visible lumps. This was corrected by removing some of the fat and performing a Space Lift (facial fat grafting) to lift the cheek away from the skeleton, thus restoring facial contours.

This patient had a prvious face lift. A Space Lift restores more natural, youthful contours of the cheek, mandible, chin (face).

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