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Berman offers peek into the 'stem cell revolution'

"A stem cell is a non-specialized cell that can become specialized and then be used to heal and also to aid in longevity," explained Dr. Mark Berman, a specialist in stem cell therapy: Berman offers peek into the ‘stem cell revolution’.

Stem Cell clinics face new scrutiny from federal regulators

The Washington Post - A disruptive technology might itself face disruption. The FDA, which has taken a mostly hands-off approach toward the rapidly proliferating stem cell clinics, is signaling that some of the treatments should be regulated as drugs: Stem cell clinics face new scrutiny from federal regulators.

Doctors, patients pressure FDA to regulate commercial stem cell clinics

KPCC Radio - The Food and Drug Administration is holding a public hearing on the proposed regulation of for-profit stem cell therapy clinics: Doctors, patients pressure FDA to regulate commercial stem cell clinics.

Dr. Berman makes the list of the top 10 stem cell innovators

During the First Annual Academy of Regenerative Practices Conference and Scientific Seminar, attendees voted on the Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators. They were selected based on their contributions and innovations in the field: Top Ten Stem Cell Innovators.

FDA weighs crackdown that could shut hundreds of stem cell clinics

Scientists urge the Food and Drug Administration to crack down on rogue clinics across the country that market stem cell treatments: FDA weighs crackdown that could shut hundreds of stem cell clinics.

Stem Cell Research

Stem cells, which are known to replicate and change into another body part, can now be used in cosmetic surgery. These cells are obtained from the patient's own fat deposits, not embryos. Read Dr. Berman's interview: Stem Cells in Cosmetic Surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy Saves Eyesight Of Fountain Valley Mother

Fountain Valley Mother was diagnosed with optic neuritis, an autoimmune swelling of the nerve connecting her eyes to her brain

Pocket Protector in the News

Breast Implants with the Pocket Protector

Los Angeles, CA - ( A generation of women whose conventional implants have left their breasts distorted, hard, scarred or lumpy can rejoice and find new hope with the Pocket Protector, a patented breast implant device designed by veteran Santa Monica based Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Berman. (more...)

Reducing Risks with the Pocket Protector

Mark Berman, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon from California has developed a device that may reduce some of the potential complications of implant surgery. He has called his invention the "Pocket Protector." The Pocket Protector is a liner for the breast cavity. (more...)

'Pocket Protector' Makes Implants Safer

Pamela Collins says a pocket protector changed her life. "After 38 years, I finally have normal breasts." She had fibrocystic breast disease as a teenager and, at 25, a double mastectomy. She tried both silicone and saline implants. "I wouldn't let any man come near me because they were hard." Then she met Doctor Mark Berman, the cosmetic surgeon who designed something called "the pocket protector". It's not the nerdy kind. (more...)

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